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ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27-inch Professional monitor is now priced at $261

The ASUS ProArt Display model version PA278QV is a budget-oriented "2K" QuadHD professional monitor that should help amateur photographers, graphic designers and others who are working with colors on a daily basis. Please note that this model is not intended for gamers.

With its exceptional ergonomics, the ProArt PA278QV  offers high peak brightness, and expansive viewing angles, this monitor suits a wide range of workspaces seamlessly. It boasts accurate colors right out of the box and excels in SDR color gamut; nevertheless, it lacks the capability to exhibit an extensive color gamut and does not accommodate HDR content. Despite being constrained to a 75Hz refresh rate and lacking an array of additional gaming features, it does support variable refresh rate (VRR). Regrettably, its contrast ratio is on the lower side, and its black uniformity is average, a common trait among most IPS panels. On a positive note, it offers an ample selection of USB ports and even incorporates a pair of built-in speakers.

The ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV stands as an excellent choice for content creators. Its elevated pixel density yields crisp visuals and text, while the ample screen real estate accommodates simultaneous multitasking with ease. Remarkable ergonomics and expansive viewing angles enhance the experience, and the display's brightness remains sufficient across various lighting environments. Regrettably, the monitor's contrast ratio and black uniformity are merely average, resulting in somewhat grayish blacks. While boasting nearly complete coverage of the sRGB color space, its representation of the Adobe RGB color space is only moderately satisfactory.

The ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV stands out as an excellent choice for an office monitor. Its expansive display and elevated resolution foster a comfortable work environment, providing ample room to manage multiple windows concurrently. With broad viewing angles and effective glare resistance, it maintains visual quality effortlessly. The monitor's exceptional ergonomics enable personalized adjustments for optimal comfort. Featuring minimal input lag and a 75Hz refresh rate, navigating through documents gains a subtle boost in smoothness. Check the link below if you wish to purchase it today.

75 Hz
Temps de Réponse Minimum
5 ms
Rapport d'aspect d l'écran
Résolution d'écran
2560 x 1440

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ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27-inch Professional monitor is now priced at $261

The ASUS ProArt Display model version PA278QV is a budget-oriented "2K" QuadHD professional monitor that should help ...

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