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65-inch LG C2 Series OLED 4K UHD TV is now 16% off on Amazon

The popular LG C2 65" TV is now priced lower and if you are in the market for a great TV that can be used for both Gaming and watching your favorite shows, then this is the one to go for. The 65-inch model is great for bigger rooms, as it offers great performance due to its OLED panel. Check the link at the end of the post for more info on its Amazon pricing.

The LG OLED lineup prominently features the 'C' models, known for striking a desirable harmony between premium attributes and pricing. These models also come with a stand included, setting them apart from the LG G2. Among the OLED TVs, like the C2, they operate on a self-emissive principle. Unlike LCD panels in alternative televisions, OLED TVs do away with backlights. This characteristic grants them the capability to present an almost flawless contrast ratio in dimly lit spaces. The outcome is evident in the form of profound black tones without any bothersome blooming or halos around bright entities. Familiar to other LG TV models, the C2 employs the webOS smart interface. This interface underwent a subtle revamp for the 2022 iteration, introducing features like user profiles and other minor tweaks. The current year exhibits a notable emphasis on gaming attributes, including compatibility with GeForce Now. inaugural 42-inch OLED panel size.

Gaming on the LG 42 C2 is a truly remarkable experience. With its HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, you can engage in 4k gaming at refresh rates of up to 120 fps, whether you're using HDMI 2.1 graphics cards or the latest-generation consoles. The television boasts minimal input lag and an almost instantaneous response time, ensuring a highly responsive gaming sensation. Additionally, it supports variable refresh rate (VRR) technology, effectively minimizing screen tearing. The TV excels in dark room gaming scenarios, showcasing an almost boundless contrast ratio and avoiding any blooming effects around brighter elements.

Currently you can purchase the LG C2 from Amazon for $1600 which is a great deal considering its size and the fact that the performance of this C2 model is on par with LG's latest 2023 C3 Series.

Dimensión de la Pantalla
OLED evo
Frecuencia de Actualización
120 Hz
Tiempo de Respuneta Minimo
1 ms
HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) Dolby Vision Dolby Vision IQ HDR10 Pro
Formato de la Pantallo
Resolucion de la Pantalla
3840 x 2160

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