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Netflix restores streaming quality back to normal in EU

When the health crisis hit Europe this March Netflix and other media streaming services have decided to lower the 4K streaming quality due to a large number of people staying at home until recently.

Now that more and more EU countries are starting to lower the restrictions, Netflix has also started to revert the 4K UHD streaming bitrate back to its maximum capacity. If you're in Europe and you're still experiencing low bitrate/low image quality, then you should expect it to be reverted back to an acceptable level as soon as Netflix deals with your ISP.

Netlfix was probably the most used media streaming service during the quarantine in not only Europe, but across the world. There were tons of users reporting low bitrate and bad image quality for 4K content, and now there are reports coming saying that Netflix has started to revert back the streaming capacity across the EU. If you're not sure about whether your Netflix 4K content working at full capacity or not, then you should test it on both your TV and computer, to see if there are any noticeable changes between these devices. Note: PCs and 4K UHD TVs might be affected differently by these changes, and it will probably depend on other factors, too, like ISP, video card capabilities, Smart TV brand and model, and on how hard was your country affected by the quarantine.

If you're based in a country where Netflix subscriber numbers are lower, then you might have probably not have been afffected by these changes, so you can ignore this news.

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