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Sony Has Confirmed the Android 9 OS Upgrade Rollouts for Android TVs Launched Since 2016

Sony's Latin America website has just updated their Support website with links for Android 9 Update that is destined for all the Sony Android TVs launched since 2016 and up until 2019 models.

Until now all the Sony Android TV 2016-2019 models have been running their Android 8 Oreo OS firmware, and the Android 9 update wasn't expected officially, especially for the 2016 models. The new official Android 9 Pie OS upgrade should offer better performance, smoother and faster UI, Media Player app, HEVC 100/120Hz with USB video playback support, WPS function, and smaller improvements.

The new Media Player app that is offered with this Android 9 Pie upgrade will bundle together the Video, Album and Music apps into it. Check the official Sony Support Latin America website to learn about all the smaller additions and improvements that the new firmware upgrade is offering.

All the Sony Android TVs that have been launched from 2016 onwards that will get the Android 9 Pie OS update are the following: XBR-55A8G, XBR-65A8G, XBR-49X805G, XBR-55X805G, XBR-65X805G, XBR-75X805G, XBR-55A8F, XBR-65A8F, XBR-60X835F, XBR-70X835F, XBR-75X855F, XBR-85X855F, XBR-65X856F, XBR-55X905F, XBR-65X905F, KD-49X755F, KD-55X755F, KD-65X755F, XBR-65X755D, XBR-55X705D, XBR-49X705D, XBR-55A1E, XBR-65A1E, XBR-49X805E, XBR-55X805E, XBR-65X855E, XBR-75X855E, XBR-55X905E, XBR-65X905E, XBR-75X945E.

All the models that are listed above are the ones sold in Latin America and their European counterparts will also get the official update some time in the future. We will post a new article when other Sony Android TVs based in other regions will get the new Android 9 Pie update, too.

Source: Sony Latin America

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