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NVIDIA Rolls Out G-Sync Upgrade for Various LG OLED TVs

NVIDIA is working really hard on adding as many monitors and TVs to their list of devices supporting their new G-Sync technology. Also, LG Electronics USA will roll out a brand new update next week that will add support for Nvidia's G-Sync technology for various LG OLED models.

Almost all the big TV manufacturing companies are starting to turn their attention to gamers, and it seems like soon all the newly released TVs will support NVIDIA's G-Sync and AMD Freesync technologies, so that all gamers will get support for the latest variable refresh rate functions of their graphics cards. Gaming is getting more popular with each passing day, as there are tons of great titles for us to choose from no matter the gaming platform we use. TVs are mostly used when it comes to console gaming, but there are tons of PC gamers who prefer the big TV screen to gaming monitors, too.

As you know gaming on a PC will always be better as you can enjoy games at better FPS and at higher refresh rates, which are normally available on gaming monitors. Now, TV manufacturers are starting to build and incorporate better displays in their products, so that gamers will turn their attention to TVs also when it comes to buying a new screen to play on. The LG 2019 OLED TV lineup will get support for NVIDIA G-Sync when the next software update is dropped by LG.

The OLED TV models supported by the new NVIDIA G-Sync update are LG E9 55-inch and 65-inch models, B9 55-inch and 65-inch models, and C9 with 55", 65" and 75" models. After the update is released you should notice less flickering, less screen tearing and reduced stuttering. All these will also be influenced by the hardware configuration of your gaming PC, so in order to enjoy the best Nvidia G-Sync performance on these LG TVs you will also need to own a more than decent gaming computer. Make sure to install the latest NVIDIA G-Sync drivers update in order to get the new technology compatibility added to your computer, and make sure that you also install the new LG OLED TV software updates, too.

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